Training - Lie Detection FAQ's
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Training - Lie Detection FAQ's

Lie Detection F.A.Q

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Going by the formal definition of what colleges and universities refer to as "real science" – no, lie detection isn't science. It is not stipulated and cannot be taught as a science-subject in universities and colleges.

However, it would be wrong to call lie detection a pseudoscience as well. Various top governing bodies like the FBI and the American Government have acknowledged lie detection as a formal and incredibly helpful discipline. Lie detection is in fact, a practical and proven science.

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Compared to the polygraph that only measures heart rate, emotional responses and blood pressure, lie detection is more comprehensive. It focuses on micro-expressions, NLP, verbal and non verbal communications as well as a host of other traits to detect lies more accurately.

It is possible for people to beat the polygraph with a little knowledge and some experience. Techniques used in polygraphy are heavily flawed and trained spys or soldiers can easily fake results. At the same time, innocent people can fail a polygraph test because of nervousness, tension or any intense emotions that cause their heart-rate or blood pressure to spike.

Our courses at Let's-Live Coaching will teach you how to discover and understand the emotions a subject is experiencing, the reasons for those emotions and also whether the subject is lying or not. A ploygraph can tell you none.

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A one-time investment in Let's-Live's lie detection courses will bring you peace of mind for life. Never again will you have to wonder or worry if your spouse, friends, relatives or employees are hiding something for you or not being completely honest.

Further, the lie detection techniques you learn at Let's-Live Coaching are discrete and will help you detect lies only by observing a person's body language and speech.

Benefits for corporates – Deception in the workplace can be not only jeopardizing in nature, but extremely fatal. Operational inefficiencies, employee insecurity, wrong lawsuits, mismanagement of finances and a tarnished reputation are only some of the consequences of lies and deception in the workplace.

Investing in lie detection courses is a great idea because it deception-proofs businesses. Team leaders, managers and executives can use the knowledge they gain from Let's-Live Coaching lie detection and deception leak courses to resolve conflicts, motivate employees, boost morale and improve productivity at the workplace. Lie detection also helps in the hiring and firing of the right people and helps establish a culture of honesty and transparency at the workplace.

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We have been at the top of the Life Coaching industry in SA for over seven years now. At Let's-Live Coaching you'll find the premium lie detection courses that will help you become a human lie detector.

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Compared to other Life Coaching institutes that focus only on Micro-expressions and body language, our approach is more holistic and our lie detection courses, more detailed. As the pioneers of human behavior modification science and NLP for Life Coaching in SA, we are adept in the use of revolutionary techniques like NLP, hypnotic language suggestions and others for lie detection.

Additionally, we take it a step further and provide training in communication. We don't stop at just enabling you to detect lies. We also teach you how to structure your language so that you always get the truth in response.

Courses – We offer 1-Day, 2-Days, 5-Days lie detection and deception leakage courses. You can make use of our customization options and undertake tailored lie detection courses.

Francois Janse van Rensburg's Lie Detection Challenge – We are one of the best in South Africa, but we want you to see it for yourself! Accept our founder's Lie Detection Challenge in any of his advance courses and witness the accuracy with which he performs lie detection. You and van Rensburg put down R 5000 each. You get to pocket the money if you can successfully lie to him. Seeing is believing right? Enroll today and see for yourself.

Contact us to get more information on our courses. Enroll today and never be lied to again!

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