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Training - NLP FAQ's

NLP -Neuro-Linguistic Programming F.A.Q

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NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a revolutionary approach to psychotherapy, communication and personal development. It is a change management tool that can transform lives – help people achieve goals and find personal as well as professional success.

The NLP approach holds that our "programming" - the behaviours we develop over time, are interlinked with communication (linguistic) and our cognitive functions (neuro). Consequently, cognitive functions and communication can be manipulated to "program" an individual for success. NLP aims to doing the same.

With proper training in NLP, the habits and traits of successful people can be "modelled" onto others. Let's-Live Coaching has pioneered the application of this effective life coaching approach in South Africa and is your one-stop shop for mastering the knowledge and application of NLP.

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NLP was co-created by room mates John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970s in California. Researchers at the University of California developed the NLP methodology while studying the various approaches that psychotherapists use to gain favourable outcomes. The study branched off and eventually transformed into development of a different approach altogether, to achieve the same result – gaining favourable outcomes.

Researchers successfully demonstrated the NLP technique by carefully studying three "successful" individuals – Virgina Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson and helping other people gain similar success in their lives.

The three test subjects had successfully overcome certain problems in their life. Based on the study and analysis of their traits, patterns and approaches, researchers sketched out a model that could help other people overcome their similar problems.

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NLP currently holds the status of a New Age pseudoscience. The individual elements of NLP, however, (like neurology or linguistics) are branches of science themselves and NLP is widely acknowledged as "practical science".

The absence of a "real science" tag continues to remain controversial because of the subjective nature of the definition of "real science". Eminent neuroscientists, reviewers and proponents of NLP have called for thorough scientific research to prove the validity of NLP and though the status remains dubious, the practical application of NLP has only grown in prestige and popularity.

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The NLP methodology draws its effectiveness from its core concepts – subjectivity, consciousness and learning.

Our being has two components – one that is conscious and the other that is unconscious. The unconscious component is home to the subjectivity that we have in our everyday life experiences. The expertise of an exemplary person in any domain and be codified and then reproduced in us, using the method of learning called modelling.

That is why NLP courses are such a great investment! The unconscious mind is always open to learning. It also shapes our responses to stimuli and behaviour in general. Programming the unconscious mind to respond positively, behave appropriately and approach problems with the right attitude, enables us to deploy the conscious as well as unconscious mind to solve problems and achieve goals.

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Let's-Live Coaching has been leading South Africa's Life Coaching industry for over seven years now. We are home to certified and trained Life Coaches, many of who have international experiences in changing lives for the better. While we are happy to have coaches that are efficient and geniuses in their field, we take pride in acknowledging they will also be the most compassionate coaches you will meet.

Life Coaching is not a business for us, it is a way of life. And our clientèle speaks for us. With 98 percent of our new clients coming as referrals from the old ones, we are among the best life-coaching institutes in SA. Give us a call to learn more about NLP, or book a session. Get started today!

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